Audit & Assurance Services

This Division is engaged in rendering the following services:

Statutory And Interim Audits | Limited Review | Internal Audits

  • Since its inception, we have been thoroughly engaged in delivering pioneering services to private and public sector units (PSUs) including various nationalised and private banks, as their statutory central and branch audit partner. We offer a range of audit services such as-
  • Statutory and interim audit: These annual and periodic audits are legally imposed to review the accuracy of financial records of a company or government.
  • Limited review: These accounting services are less exhaustive than a full scale audit and provide assurance to interested parties towards ascertaining the reliability of financial data.
  • Internal audit: This deals with the monitoring and analysis of activities related to a company's operations (business structure, behaviour of employees and information systems) and is meant to review how a company is doing and what are the threats facing it.
  • Current asset audit: This is an annual physical count of all fixed assets, in order to verify the actual possessions in hand and estimate their current market value for financial recording purpose.
  • Forensic audit: This is an evaluation of an individual's or firm's financial information for use as evidence in court.
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